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VMLY&rX, London HQ

Spaceman first branded this office in the Alphabeta Building in 2019 and another previous office in their former entity as Sudler in 2014.

We were kindly invited back to rebrand our friends as an exciting reformed and restructured VMLY&rX. We took the hands on approach to create a bold graphic impact covering a large surface area to facilitate a modest budget but also to warm and personalise the raw/ industrial/ stripped back modern fit out that makes up XMLFs space in the alphabeta building.

Setting out the angles and lines for the chevron based murals that we interpreted from their new branding was extremely intricate when it ran over, walls architrave, recessed doors, window frames, storage walls and around corners.

There was further challenge with the different paints for woodwork and walls while maintaining a very difficult colour match ( that we were told by Leyland incidentally that couldn’t be achieved )

Managing to come up with a sealant for the doors to avoid finger marks on the dark chalky blue after the slightest of touches without changing the colour felt as rewarding as seeing the finished result.

( still trying to get the blue paint off my hands )