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Verizon, Global Communications Package

Clearer than 5G

Verizon the 5G communication giant uses Spaceman to communicate internally.

With 130.1k employees over 150 global locations communication is key. Verizon, ranked 20th in Fortune 500 teamed up with Spaceman Brand to design an internal comms package and signage family that works globally and shows their personality.

Spaceman designed a complete communication family for meeting room and hot desk booking using a book me QR reader system, phone booth and meeting space etiquette, inspirational messaging for team building and all internal communication display items to be used globally, providing a common and concise togetherness for all employees.

It was important for both Spaceman and Verizon that we used 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials and we were able to use humour and ‘cheeky fun’ that translates well throughout all cultures.

Variety and intelligence through the multiple ways that we display the same information was imperative, so that we can maintain engagement whilst relaying the same messages on a daily bases, attracting interest in the different phrasing and humour so as not to be ignored or annoying by repetitiveness but keeping the language and signage family consistent as an obvious go to for information through materials and finish.

The Verizon brand, tick, typeface and colour use is constant but embedded and subtle.

A physical ‘book me book’ that stands on it spine, has the Verizon tic as it’s pages and is stable, informative and cleverly embodies Verizons identity.