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Kobalt Music, London

New York based music rights and royalties company Kobalt commissioned Spaceman to design internal branding for their new office above Cannon Street station in London.

Working alongside BDG Architects and Stanway fit out from the start we set out to integrate Branding within the build as finishes and materials to become part of the construction that makes up the space.

We designed walls made from 10,000 drumsticks, a stretched drumskin wall measuring 16 meters in length, moulded speaker reception wall, a wall made of layer upon layer of gig posters that are removed and ripped and reapplied overlapping and identical to a fly-posted shoreditch railway arch.

Magnetic Wooden walls with recessed framed poster-sites behind glass.

Perspective shapes burnt into walls and materials found in instruments used as building materials. Sunburst patterning on maple wood, mirrored steel clad columns; edged with birch allow personalisation.

Over 400 meters of a printed fade ( solid white to clear glass ) change the idea of what is possible for manifestation.